2021 is right around the corner and now is the time so start preparing for closing out 2020 (finally!!). Close it out strong with an action plan to hit the ground running by January 1st. Autumn Kyles of Proxie Detroit is partnering with Raddle so that you not only have an action plan to kick off the year strong, but ongoing support for the ENTIRE year.

Autumn Kyles, Founder of Proxie Detroit

Autumn Kyles is the founder of Proxie Detroit. Proxie offers content and resources for black women entrepreneurs to help get their startup and business ideas off the ground. She's also a business coach, entrepreneur and MBA. She grew her business, Detroit Dough, to more than 70,000 cups of cookie dough sold and $345,000 in capital raised in less than 3 years and wants to help you achieve that same level of success!

What is Raddle?

Raddle is subscription service that offers ongoing support for entrepreneurs. The subscription includes access to a social platform for brainstorming ideas with objective and (un)like minds. When you need support or are stuck, you simply book a brainstorm with your topic and the Raddle community comes together in support of YOU. The brainstorm (a.k.a. Raddle) is a 20-minute video chat that is led by trained facilitators to optimze the ideas & the FUN. You will receive a 1-year membership to Raddle with this package, which includes weekly brainstorms based on your specific need.

Autumn's Experience with Raddle

My 4-week raddle intensive helped me clearly identify the issues in my business and come up with a creative way to fix them! After my Raddles, I was able to come up with a 2.0 version of my business that is anticipated to triple my monthly income. Raddle really works and I'm excited to help you refine your ideas into a strategic plan to help you grow.

3 Packages to Choose From

Each package includes 1-on-1 business coaching with Autumn Kyles, the founder of Proxie Detroit, and a membership to Raddle. Your membership includes 4 brainstorm sessions a month with a curated group of community members. Then, in each session with Autumn, you'll dive deep into the ideas from your Raddle brainstorm to create an action plan for your next steps.
Limited Spots Available

Sprint Package

  • 3 1-on-1 coaching sessions (weekly)

  • 3-Month Raddle Membership

  • $300

Plus Package

  • 4 1-on-1 coaching sessions (weekly)

  • 1-Year Raddle Membership

  • $450

Premium Package

  • 3-month 1-on-1 coaching sessions (bi-weekly)

  • 3 Super-Raddles*

  • 1-Year Raddle Membership

  • $550

*Super Raddles are a brainstorming session with the founders of Proxie Detroit (Autmn Kyles) and founder of Raddle (Liyani Rodriguez & Tex Dworkin)

Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021.

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